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Alrowad specializes in empowering decision makers at leading organizations with the mission-critical knowledge required to expertly navigate the future. We offer a singular range of programs tailored to the exacting demands of an exclusive network of forward-thinking leaders.

Our Advanced Knowledge Seminars (AKSs) convene a select group of industry executives around thought leaders and industry practitioners at the cutting-edge of management, innovation, and technology. They offer unmatched opportunities to acquire advanced skills, cultivate expertise, and forge strategic connections.

Leaders in the Alrowad Nexus+ Network also enjoy exclusive access to our highly in-demand Industry Field Missions (IFMs). These offer a vetted team of participants the opportunity to acquire valuable field experience by travelling to an international destination for immersion in an emerging industry or technology.

Working with our partners at the intersection of advanced management practices, innovation and technology often opens up opportunities for Alrowad to design and execute value-driven Corporate Transformation Projects (CTPs). These are medium to long-term initiatives that we may undertake should a synergistic dynamic exist between Alrowad’s capabilities of the requirements of a prospective partner.