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For over 20 years, Alrowad’s Industry Field Missions (IFMs) have taken innovation-driven executives to the cutting edge of emerging industries and technologies.

These exclusive expeditions offer a select cohort of participants the opportunity to travel to international destinations, immersing themselves in the epicenter of emerging technologies and shifting market trends.

Past IFMs have included immersions in advanced manufacturing automation, robotics design, alternative fuel development, space tourism, autonomous transport, and biotechnology research at destinations across the world, from Singapore to San Francisco.

Alrowad is distinguished by its ability to obtain unparalleled access to the forefront of innovation to equip participants with game-changing insights and invaluable strategic connections.

Participants in Alrowad's IFMs position themselves at the nexus of discovery and growth and can translate their experiences into tangible advantages for their organizations.

IFMs are exclusive to members of Alrowad’s Nexus+ Network. For corporate IFMs, please direct your inquiry to