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Article: Celebrating 20 Years & A New Direction

Celebrating 20 Years & A New Direction

Celebrating 20 Years & A New Direction

Milestones. They serve as critical markers in an organization’s journey, much like the signposts on a long road. They provide a tangible place to rest, recover and reflect on the progress made, objectives achieved and the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead. 

At Alrowad TD, this year marks our 20th Anniversary of advancing leadership excellence though training and development across the Middle East and North Africa. And as such, we’ve taken this milestone as an opportunity to look back on the value we’ve created for our partners and the transformative impact our work. 

Our retrospective assessment and forward-looking strategic analysis has revealed a new direction that best aligns with our core strengths, one that will maximize the value we create and the amplify our impact. After much deliberation, we’ve decided it's time for a shift.


More than ever, today’s executives and decision makers face unprecedented pressure to excel on all levels. Optimal performance necessitates the ability to sift through an overwhelming amount of data and noise to extract actionable insights. Executives are expected to navigate digital transformations, bolster cybersecurity defences, hedge against regulatory uncertainties amidst shifting geopolitical landscapes, and grapple with the tangible risks these pose to their organizations' day-to-day operations.

This new reality makes it painfully clear that organizations must invest in empowering their top executives and decision-makers with industry-shaping insights, advanced management practices, and transformative technologies. This becomes even more pressing with the global economy’s eastward shift. Global supply lines are being rerouted and capital flows are changing direction. Consequently, it is imperative that the region’s leaders anticipate both challenges and opportunities as they arise, and prepare to capitalize accordingly.

As a regional leader in training and development, Alrowad TD will be recalibrating its programs to focus exclusively on the complex and evolving needs of senior executives and top-level decision makers. With a mission support leaders “Navigate the Future”, we have developed a specialized range of programs to connect regional business leaders with the world’s leading thinkers and industry experts. By empowering the top-level leadership of the region’s organizations, Alrowad TD will seek to advance leadership excellence from the top-down. 



Alrowad TD has launched a packed schedule of Advanced Knowledge Seminars (AKSs) for 2023. Starting in June, these seminars will serve as a bridge to connect world-class thought leaders and industry experts with executives from the region's leading organizations. AKSs are designed to foster in-depth exchanges of knowledge, actionable insights, and strategies. We hope they will inspire, empower, and bolster participants' capacity to navigate obstacles, fulfill their mandates, and excel at achieving their organizational outcomes.

We're also excited to be organizing a number of Industry Field Missions (IFMs). These IFMs will provide a select group of executives the opportunity to venture on an immersive learning journey to experience the trends and technologies transforming the global economy. As firm believers in the power of experiential learning, IFMs are designed in a way to accelerate learning and develop a working-level expertise in emerging technologies, from autonomous manufacturing to hydrogen fuel production.

At Alrowad TD, Corporate Transformation Projects (CTPs) have always been at the core of our work. Over the last 20 years,  we’ve had the privilege train over 15,000 participants at every organizational level. We’ve empowered them with the skills they need to advance organizational excellence, boost efficiency, cultivate “intrapreneurship” and execute projects and initiatives successfully. As we embark in a new direction, we remain committed to continue collaborating with our partners on projects that will transform their organizations from within.

This is the new course for Alrowad TD. We're excited about this new chapter, ready to help our clients and partners navigate the future, and eager to continue making a difference in our corner of the world. 

We look forward to embarking on this journey together.

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