Vocational & Technical Unit


Vocational & Technical Unit

High-quality, relevant vocational education and training is a prerequisite for any economic development. In many developing countries, vocational education and training is often of low quality and little suited to the needs of industry. This has frequently resulted in a need for qualified workers, coupled with high unemployment, particularly among young people and young adults. Vocational education and training can take place on many different levels, from short periods of training in practical skills to a high degree of specialized vocational education at university college level.

Al Rowad focuses on vocational education and training as one of its priority areas. Our programme underscores the importance of qualifying the current large youth cohort in the UAE for the labor market.  According to recent studies, most of the jobs that will have to be created in the future will be in the private sector. Hence close cooperation between education authorities and industry with regard to vocational education and training is essential to ensure that the training offered is relevant to the labor market and maintains the quality that is necessary. We ensure that this happens with a carefully designed programme that is coordinated across all these entities.

Al Rowad offers training programmes and services that are specifically designed to improve the performance of operators, technicians, supervisors, professional engineers, and managers in the fields of oil, gas, chemical, energy, construction, engineering, manufacturing and steel industries.

With its outstanding facilities and superior knowledge and expertise, Al Rowad is rightly positioned as a market leader in providing vocational and technical training.

The programme is offered as both pre-scheduled and custom-designed courses. This allows customers to benefit from the flexibility and choose a schedule that suits their individual needs. Multimedia tools are employed as a complimentary option to meet learners’ needs and preferences.

Consultancy services in this area are also offered in line with Al Rowad approach to service delivery with special care given to understanding clients’ needs and requirements.

Our highly skilled team of instructors and trainers collaborate to offer the following range of programs:

·         Mechanical
·         Electrical
·         Health & Safety
·         Oil & Gas Technology
·         Instrumentation & Process Control
·         Engineering & Maintenance

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