Schools and Education

Schools and Education

Our team of consultants have huge experience in improving schools’ operation based on the internationally accredited EFQM excellence model. We can work with the school’s leadership to either design and develop a set of operation processes or just provide them with a comprehensive assessment report complete with improvement action plan.

The process of school improvement begins with the school developing a required two-year plan that addresses the academic issues that caused it to be identified for school improvement. The school may wish to develop a new plan or revise an existing one, but in either case we work closely with the school’s management to come up with a consistent and effective plan.

The purpose of the school improvement plan is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the school, so that greater numbers of students achieve proficiency in the core academic subjects. The school improvement plan provides a framework for analysing problems, identifying underlying causes, and addressing instructional issues especially in a schools that has not made sufficient progress in student achievement.

Together, the components of the school improvement plan should embody a design that is comprehensive, highly structured, specific, and focused primarily on the school's instructional program. Specifically, the plan must:

•    Incorporate strategies based on scientifically based research that will strengthen the core academic subjects in the school and address the specific academic issues that caused the school to be identified for school improvement;
•    Adopt policies and practices concerning the school's core academic subjects that have the greatest likelihood of ensuring that all students enrolled in the school will meet the State's proficiency level of achievement;
•    Directly addresses the academic achievement problem that caused the school to be identified for school improvement;
•    Establish specific, annual, measurable objectives for continuous and substantial progress by each group of students
•    Include strategies to promote effective parental involvement in the school;
•    Incorporate, as appropriate, activities before school, after school, during the summer, and during the extension of the school year;
•    Incorporate strategies to promote high quality professional development; and,
•    Incorporate a teacher mentoring program

Our School Improvement Programme helps drive improved teaching and learning by ensuring you’re getting the most out of your biggest asset - your students. Our specialist consultants will work with you to develop a programme that is tailor-made for your school. They have all worked as senior leaders and have a proven track record of helping schools provide evidence of improvement to parents and government.

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