Leadership Qualities

Al Rowad has designed a unique leadership development system specialised in preparing, qualifying and developing leaders of the future. We follow a scientific technique based on international standards and utilizing practical tools coupled with intelligent specialised partners from around the world. Our leadership development standards are based on great experiences which aim at developing skills that are suitable for the employment market and at the same time being aligned with the local culture of the UAE. The Academy was part of Al Rowad vision was always aiming at being in the forefront of business delivery and creating leaders out of all our customers attending our programmes.

Our unique Leadership Development System is based on the concept of “Interaction”. It means that our programme is based on a number of principles that drives and encourages the concept of c Gallery Slider ollaboration and interacting with their environment. The major components of our unique approach consists of:

–   CONTEXT IMMERSION: encouraging young leaders to understand their surroundings
–   CONVERSATION: ensuring that they communicate meaningfully with everyone
–   COMMUNITY: understanding the stakeholders around them and managing their expectations.

Al Rowad approaches leadership with the notion that everyone in today’s highly competitive world is a potential leader whether they lead a team, a department, a multi-national organization or a country, today’s leaders are lucky to have huge opportunities that were never before imagined. Our leadership programs are designed to focus on recognising the extraordinary competencies that already exist in the organisation and the people who work there. We then work with all relevant stakeholders to design solutions that provide the foundation for the organisation to thrive and to transform leadership by building their capacity for the new period.

Coaching and Mentoring are essential components of our leadership development approach at Al Rowad.  A potential leader needs to be mentored through a number of practical situations and we have a team of mentors who are experienced in various types of businesses. They adopt an approach of empowerment and they make sure that potential leaders experience the full impact of their decision and assess the consequences.

The significance of our approach lies in teaching leaders in the context of the great transition experienced by the UAE in the areas of thinking, technology, interconnectedness. Leadership is emerging as the knowledge generation evolves. What will be the attributes of a leader of the future? Our societies are evolving from a structure of hierarchies and standardized answers and processes to one that is constantly changing.  Leaders must be constantly evolving and adapting to meet societal changes


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