Education Managment

Education Services

• Vocational education and training with international certificates.
• Content development services, and full LMS services ( Learning Management Systems)
• SMS ( School Management System) that includes all required functions in a friendly user softwares
• CMS ( Class Management System) that will help teachers to plan, organize, direct, and control the teaching process in their classrooms more effectively
• Training and qualifying teachers, educational supervisors, and school mangers in a well designed set of training courses and modules designed based on the latest standards of Educational Training with international certificates.
• Certified training course for Educational Leaders in Leadership, Strategic Planning, Supervisory Skills, and Coaching in Education.
• Certifed diplomas for teachers in a set of modules to help build competencies for teachers; international certificates from well known universities in United Kingdom UK
• Schools Improvement Plans (SIP’s), using a set of certified international standards that aims towards improving all aspects for the educational process, which will provide a holistic report for each school explaining the points of strength and weakness and recommendations for improvements.

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