Bangor University

Al Rowad has a strategic partner in the UK. Bangor University opened its doors in 1884… The University has over 10,000 students and 2,000 members of staff. Bangor University is committed to providing teaching of the highest quality, conducting research of the highest quality, taking good care of its students and playing a full role in the wider community of Wales.

Al Rowad’s alliance with Bangor University provides a unique blend of international visibility while addressing the practical nature of vocational education sought in this region.



MCI Management Centre

MCI Management Centre Innsbruck is an integral part of the Open University of Innsbruck, which is based on a concept that is unique in Austria. With 3000 students, 800 teachers, 200 partner universities, and innumerable graduates and employers worldwide, and an unbroken record of top places in polls and rankings, the Entrepreneurial School® is in demand as an international benchmark and partner for research, teaching and management training. The MCI offers international Bachelor and Master study programs in the fields of Management & Society and Technology & Life


The philosophy of the MCI is to transfer the entrepreneurial approach of the business world to the university and in doing so to generate real benefits for both students and employees. The MCI’s winning motto “Mentoring the Motivated” lends clear expression to its self-image and philosophy. Numerous international awards and accreditation achieved over the last few years, and membership in prestigious academic organizations are confirmation of the outstanding quality and high level of acceptance of the Entrepreneurial School® and a source of orientation for prospective students on an increasingly complex higher education market.



Victoria University

Rowad has a major business partner in Australia. Victoria University (VU) is a multi-sector institution (higher education and TAFE) with excellence in teaching, training, research and scholarship. VU offer short courses, as well as qualifications in vocational education (TAFE) and higher education. Al Rowad working with VU enables learning pathways to clients move from academic courses to training courses and workshops.

VU have more than 50,000 students enrolled at our local campuses and international sites. We operate primarily at campuses in the western suburbs of Melbourne (Australia), Melbourne city center and locations provided by our partners in Asia and Europe. As the primary university in Melbourne’s western region, we are proud to deliver courses, research and engagement activities that are locally relevant and globally significant.



Swinburne University

Swinburne University (SU) began with a rather simple premise, to offer technical education to people in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs; However, SU now an internationally-recognized provider of quality education, an institution with a rich legacy of industry collaborations, and have a reputation for high-impact focused research.




Al Rowad is a fully accredited partner and provider for the ILM. As such, we offer the additional options of combining practical business training with internationally recognized management and coaching qualifications.

ILM is the UK’s largest management body, combining industry-leading qualifications and specialist member services. It was formed in November 2001 through the merger of the Institute of Supervision and Management (ISM) and NEBS Management (National Examining Board for Supervision and Management) and is currently the UK’s premier management organization.

ILM is founded on the principle that skilled managers and leaders hold the key to creating productive workforces that deliver organizational and economic success. Our partnership with this renowned organization permits us to drive up the standards of leadership and management training and improve both individual and team performance




AQR Ltd, a leading European Assessment company, was established in May 1989 and has established a reputation as a leading consultancy working with organizations to improveperformance – particularly through working more effectively with their people. Organizationaland Management development has been the cornerstone of the business since its inception.Al Rowad and AQR’s team of psychologists and experienced Human Resource and Line Managersin our associate network work in support of assessment initiatives proposed by our client.Together with Al Rowad’s training and development capabilities, AQR‘s comprehensive reportsallow stakeholders to visualize, focus and create dynamic programs to enhance the employees’skills and to assess their readiness for re-deployment.




Al Rowad has a significant partnership with the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS). The business partnership established in 2009 to come with the best practices of training for Al Rowad clients.

The MDIS founded in 1956, is Singapore's oldest not-for-profit professional institute for lifelong learning.

MDIS – Al Rowad provide courses, seminars and management services and opportunities for individuals to develop professionally through professional programmes in Business and Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Mass Communications, Psychology and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management.



The Washington Center

Founded in 1975, The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC) is the largest independent, non-profit academic internship program in the United States. It brings together exceptional and dedicated college students, civic, governmental and business leaders,hundreds of colleges and universities, scores of public and private host organizations, and more than 50,000 alumni.

This expertise has allowed TWC to design high-quality seminars specifically tailored to satisfy their constituents’ needs and enrich them with the unique resources Washington. D.C, offers.These short term seminars are tailored around a specific theme to meet the requirements of their partners while maximizing the resources available in this unique city



The Washington Center

The Institute for Economic Promotion – WIFI for Georgetown University’s Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CIED) offers executive education and public diplomacy programs for people and organizations from around the world. CIED’s goal is to empower people to promote greater mutual understanding, strengthen democratic values, and support sustainable development.

Georgetown CIED has many advantages being located in the capital of the United States.Washington DC is home to government agencies, international bodies, global business leaders,and non-governmental organizations. The concentration of power, influence, and opportunities in Washington, DC is unmatched in other cities. Georgetown’s reputation within this environment distinguishes it from other universities and constitutes an added value for participants in CIED’s many programs.



WIFI International

The Institute for Economic Promotion – WIFI for short – is the largest education and advanced education institution in the Economic Chamber organisation for its members and their staff, as well as the largest provider of vocational training and advanced education in Austria.

With 32,000 courses and training courses as well as 353,000 participants every year, WIFI has a market share of 20% and is consequently the leader on the vocational further training market in Austria, With 80 branches offer an extensive spectrum of services ranging from sector-specific and vocational courses and seminars through sophisticated management training and foreign language courses to specialist academies and university-type courses.



IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

The Institute for Economic Promotion – WIFI for The IMC Krems is widely regarded as Austria’s most international university of applied sciences.The Institution of Higher Education offers nine innovative full-time and part-time degree programmes, in Business Studies, Health Studies and Life Sciences.

Over the past few years the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems has built up a strong international reputation and now has over 2400 students from all over the world.