Chairman’s Message

“Learning and Development are two concepts that we believe always go together. It is our mission to be the partner of choice to all those who seek to develop through learning. Our organisation was built upon strong local values coupled with international operational standards. I would like to invite you to further explore Al Rowad’s rich offerings in this concise Company Profile that we prepared for all our partners as one of our various communication channels we persistently establish.

We believe that Al Rowad strength is driven by the rich diversity of both our people and our customers; we are proud to be dealing with a wide range of customers and businesses from across many sectors in the UAE and the Gulf. Al Rowad also has partnership in Singapore, Austria, Australia, USA, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. We understand that we affect the lives of people every day through our learning and development services, and as such we believe that is an honour, we also realise the great responsibility that comes with it.

At Al Rowad, we have long ago set our sights at achieving operational excellence which will ultimately lead to better results and outcomes to our customers. We are committed to growth in our existing business and to expand it further into new areas, all along aiming at the highest service delivery standards. All our people have this commitment which motivates our teams to always aim for  innovation, creative service development and quality world class systems; the driving force behind Al Rowad’s continuous quest of excellence.

We will work steadily alongside our customers to achieve continuous improvements, setting outstanding targets, adding value, and ensuring that we measure the learning outcomes. It is very important that our actions match our ambitions”

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