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In today’s world, and with all the challenges posing, the business of training and development should be conducted with a new and fresh approach. Learning, the ultimate outcome sought in the process, no longer happens in the classroom sitting in front of the screen and listening to a trainer. The world of business has evolved into a very competitive arena and there are plenty of challenges posing in front of training providers.

The increase usage of mobile technology by professional individuals meant that learning will now happen “on the go”; a new reality that asks for innovative display tools, highly customised content, and flexible delivery pace. All these new approaches to learning are vital for the success of any training provider in today’s business world.  Adaptability has become a fundamental building block for the operation of any business. The ability to anticipate, and then embrace, changes is a competent we have developed throughout the past 15 years of our operation at Al Rowad. Our leadership has always worked on making Al Rowad a flexible and responsive organisation, and this was reflected in how the team at Al Rowad operates and deals with our customers. There is always a room for improvement and a space for all stakeholders to contribute to the quality of the service delivery through the mechanism we established based on mutual trust and confidence.

Al Rowad has also paved its way to international and universal levels and has developed its training and consulting services based on international standards. This development took place through cooperation with prominent universities and organizations, as well as specialised consultants of high caliber from England, Australia, Singapore and America. This is a proof of Al Rowad’s permanent commitment to provide its partners with the best services and solutions.

Our work as a strategic partner with many of our stakeholders innovation is not just a tagline to us, it is our working culture.

To be a partner of choice, Al Rowad will always focus on adding value and thus has devised a strategy that takes into account all those market variables as well as fully aligned with the UAE Vision 2021 four pillars of Responsibility, Destiny, Knowledge, and Prosperity. Al Rowad considers itself as one of the national entity who should play a vital role in realizing this vision. Our service delivery framework ensures that our customers receive the optimal solution for their business requirements and achieve the ideal results which are aligned with their business plans while realizing the national goals of the country we are all part of.

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