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Chairman’s Message

In memory of the Twelve anniversary of Al Rowad and entering the twenty-first century’s second decade, Al Rowad has paved its way to international and universal levels and has developed its
training and consulting services. This development took place through cooperation with the universities, organizations and specialized consultants of high international standards in England,Australia, Singapore and America. This is a proof of Al Rowad’s permanent commitment to provideits partners with the best services and solutions. Those services and solutions are founded on high level of training & consulting innovation all over the past years. Also, to look for all what’s new and distinct in the world of training and consulting.

And in response to the challenges facing organizations, that have excellence as an essential quality of its business and indispensable need nowadays, the philosophy and vision Al Rowad is based on helping its clients to create a long-term competitive quality. This quality originates from the value and capabilities of its employees. All of this is achieved by providing full support for the organizations, their employees and their administrations to face such challenges.

We here in Al Rowad take good care of the process of choosing the best trainers and consultants whether locally regionally or internationally. This is out of aspiration to found long-term relationships with our clients as strategic partners. And this is what forms the main support for Al Rowad to reach the highest international standards of training. Adding to that the assistance of the- highest-experienced-and- professional-standards technical and administrative teams,
which enabled us to enter the international market and get the highest certificates of quality and excellence.

Al Rowad will always live up to its clients. And quality and excellence have always been and will always be the essential slogans in the core business of Al Rowad to stay as the perfect and certain option for those who look for comprehensive and distinct training solutions.

Start up and Expansion

Al Rowad was established by the end of 2003, announcing its launch
from the United Arab Emirates as a specialized company in the services
of training, development, management and technical consulting. Since
then, Al Rowad has put a strong imprint through the provision of training
and consulting solutions at the highest level of quality compared to its
counterparts working in the local and regional market.

In 2007, as part of its expansionist program Al Rowad has opened its branch
in the Sultanate of Oman, thanks to its achievements that made through its
special training solutions Al Rowad has earned the trust of many companies
and organizations that have cooperated with them using its experience in
the local and regional market, which have reached its activities to Malaysia,
Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, The United Kingdom, Germany
and the United States.

Services Growth

After the success of Al Rowad in providing its special and specialized training
services through Al Rowad Center for Training and Development, Al Rowad
has established Al Rowad Leadership Academy which has proven its ability
to provide an outstanding and world-class level of the leading solutions by
the testimony of the beneficiaries of these solutions. After that Al Rowad
has established Al Rowad Assessment Center which aims to provide the
best individual and organizational assessment solutions. Al Rowad has
ended its service expansion by adopting the talent management solutions
to cope with the challenges of its partners in how to attract, develop and
retain talent.


To be the first and optimum regional option in providing special training and consulting solutions.


Al Rowad aims to provide an integrated training solution and a special consulting service
that help its clients to create a sustainable competitive advantage stems from the value
and capabilities of their employees and allow the clients to access to the excellence of the
organizational performance.


Enthusiasm and Passion

We work in Al Rowad driven by the clearness of the vision and goals, a sense of pride, and a great passion towards what we do, we are looking to achieve the goals of our clients as a source of inspiration to strive towards achieving our success.

Coperation and Flexibility

We are working with enthusiasm and a collective spirit among ourselves and with our partners to achieve the goals of our customers, and are looking for new and innovative ways to bring added value with a commitment to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Innovation and Responsibility

We are distinguished by vitality and innovation; however, maintain a fixed and perfect approach to provide special training and consulting services.

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